Fleetwood Mac

CH Vintage Audio is pleased to have acquired some WEM sound equipment previously owned and used by Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac in 1969/70.

Dinky Dawson (Fleetwood Mac’s soundman late 1960’s until July 1970,  sent this text to Chris Hewitt in 2017 “The Fleetwood Mac slaves and speaker cabinets you have Chris Hewitt, are all from 1969. The mixers are from summer 1970.”

“All mixers came in Accordion cases made from wood, like the photo . Then in the summer of 1970 Charlie put them in fibre accordion cases. We had no fibre road cases when I was with the Mac.”

Dinky Dawson commentedWhen I was mixing Fleetwood Mac’s full WEM system consisted of –

10 4 x 12” B Columns, 4 4 x 12” C Columns, 4 X 32 Horn C Columns, 4 15” cabinets 182 cabinets 10 S.L. 100 Amplifiers, 2 WEM P.A. used for monitor Amplifiers, 3 Audiomaster mixers.

Dinky Dawson ceased working for Fleetwood Mac in July 1970 and in 2017 he still has one of their original WEM Audiomasters he took with him.

John Courage then took over looking after the WEM PA system and Dinky Dawson has confirmed in May 2017 – the two John Courage Fleetwood Mac WEM Audiomasters recently discovered (with monitor controls) were used at Benifold for Fleetwood Mac rehearsals post July 1970 and for the Kiln House tour.